About Me

Last Updated on: 19 June 2016

Hey Everyone,

I’m Arun Here from India. I’m fully passionate towards Internet Marketing stuff. I love it, and I enjoy it as well. Sitting in front of my laptop and doing Internet marketing (IM) stuff is like- having food for me.


You know that, without food how it feels like staying, the same way I feel if I didn’t get a chance to do my Internet work. Every day, Every minute I think about Internet marketing stuff. That is where my passion is all about.

Every day I want to try, learn and explore something new on IM stuff.

I have been in this in Internet Marketing field for few years. I learned many lessons and I did make quite few money as well. Even though that money is not a quite big amount as compared to what any big IM’s make. But I still consider it a quite good success for my effort. Yes, I truly enjoy earning money online with Internet and websites.

This is the blog which I created to share my internet marketing journey and share few success and failures whatever I’m trying.

This is the blog you need to follow if you are an.

  • Internet Marketer and you are trying to make money
  • Love SEO and who love to learn new things
  • Enjoy Creating and Ranking website
  • or else someone who want to listen whatever I say

Totally, in this blog, I will share something related to Internet Marketing things. If you enjoy digital marketing, then don’t forget subscribe to this blog.

Professional Background:

Oh! Do you Guys want to know my Professional Information as well? well, if that was the case-I’m a Digital Marketing Manager at Out Thinking Pvt Ltd. The company is basically into Mobile App and Games development company.

Recently we are trying E-commerce thing as well. I’m handling and executing all digital marketing stuff and the team over there. I will share some of those stories as well on this blog. I did learned lot of new things working in a company environment.

I think this much bio is enough to understand the person behind this blog.

– Arun