Keywords Everywhere – Get Keyword Search Volumes Everywhere Easily

As SEO’s it is import to know that how much a keyword searches getting per month. For understanding keyword data mostly we are all relaying on keywords tools like Google Keyword tool or any other keyword research tool to know search volumes & CPC of keywords.

But the Problem is:

Most of the time we are opening that keyword research website and try to do keyword analysis to get search volume and CPC (Cost Per Click) on that Particular Keyword.


For doing all those process, it does takes a quite bit of time.

What if, if you want to find out quickly the search volume and CPC of that keyword without opening any keyword research tool?

Think like you are searching on Google for some keyword and in that search result itself you are able to find out keyword volume and cpc of that keyword.

Isn’t that cool?

Yeah, It will be very helpful for many of them.

Because, we don’t need to open any keyword research sites for conducting keyword analysis for each and every keywords.

To find out any keywords all we have to do is, just search it on Google for that keyword and in the SERP’s (Search result page) itself you will be able to find out search volume and CPC of that particular keyword.

Keyword Everywhere-Find out Keyword Search Volume & CPC of Keywords Everywhere Easily

Keyword Everywhere is the tool which allows you to find out keyword search volume and CPC information everywhere (supported sites) easily.

For example, Google is a supported site. So if you search for some keyword on google, you will also find out search volume and CPC of that keyword.

See the below image to know what I’m saying.

keyword search volume and cpc on google search page

Search volume and CPC of the keywords in Google Search Box

displaying search volumes in google related keywords

Keywords search volume and CPC displaying on Google related keywords.

How to Install Keyword Everywhere Extension:

1. Fist install Keyword Everywhere browser extension from for Chrome and Firefox

2. Once you install you will get an option to request API key. To get API key you need to enter your E-mail ID.

3. After requesting API key, within few minutes you will receive an email containing link to get your API key. Click on that link to get your Keywords Everywhere API key

4. Open the extension option/configuration page where you will get an option to enter your API key. Enter and click Validate

5. That’s it. Now you are good go.

Once you successfully install that extension, you will be able to get keyword search volume and CPC on all the supported websites.

These websites are currently they support.

– Google Search – data shown under main keyword as well as related searches
– Google Search Console – data shown in the Search Analytics page
– Google Analytics – data shown in the Organic and Search Engine Optimization -> Queries pages
– UberSuggest – data shown alongside keywords in this awesome keyword suggestion tool
– Majestic – Anchor Text Report
– Moz Open Site Explorer – Anchor Text Report

Really, I enjoy this extension a lot. With this extension I can easily get search volume on the fly without opening any extra keyword research tool and all. I hope you also like this as well. Let me know you have anything to say in comment.

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